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Tutto Italia
Last Updated: October 2008
Tutto Italia restaurant in Epcot's Italy pavillion, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Tutto Italia is the relatively new and temporary restaurant in the Italian Pavilion at Epcot. Our dining party included two adults for lunch on a sunny day in May 2008. For those of you who ate here when it was Alfredo's, the decor has not changed much. There are a mix of bench seats and tables with dark woods and artwork on the walls. Our server was Roberto and service was excellent. He started us out with a basket of four breads including breadsticks and a flatbread and two more traditional breads. These were served with olive oil for dipping. I would have liked some herbs in the olive oil or some parmesan cheese, but I knew I had a lot of food coming, so I didn't want to fill up on bread anyway. We were on the Deluxe Dining Plan, which includes an appetizer, main course, dessert and a non-alcoholic beverage. I asked for the Melograno Splash (a combination of pomegranate juice and soda) but was told that was not available on the Dining Plan, even if we used both of our "drink credits" toward the one drink. Disappointed, I had a Coke, my husband had water.

For my starter I had a fresh mozzarella and tomato "salad" with basil-flavored olive oil. There were three layers of mozzarella and tomato slices that were the size of the palm of my hand. This was perhaps the best fresh mozzarella I have ever had and there was a lot of it. The basil olive oil was delicious. I certainly know what I'll be trying to make this summer! My husband had the Insalata Mista, which was a mixed greens salad. No iceburg lettuce in sight. The salad itself was excellent, however, he did not care for the citrus vinaigrette dressing, which he said, "ruined" it. He felt that it would have been perfect with a simple oil and vinegar dressing and if we ate here again, that's how he would order it.

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Tutto Italia appetizers.

For my main course, I had the Lasagna al Forno. I ordered this with some trepidation, as I had heard some people say it was no better than frozen lasagna from the grocery store. But since I love lasagna, I decided to take a chance. I was glad that I did. I was served a piece of very meaty lasagna in a hot dish. The layers of meat were not really mixed with tomato sauce as I am more used to but the meat was nicely spiced and there was just the right combination in the layers. My husband ordered the Sacchetti. These were pasta purses filled with ricotta cheese and served with a pomodoro sauce. The purses were a really pretty presentation, although initially, it did not look like there would be enough food. However, as is often the case, they were very filling so that was not an issue. This was a nice variation on ravioli or tortellini often found on the menu in Italian restaurants. The purses themselves were quite delicious, however the pomodoro sauce was not. It was clearly a canned type of sauce. It did not taste fresh at all and had absolutely no chunks in it. My husband suggested it was a step above Chef Boyardee. This is really too bad because the pasta was delicious. He was particularly perturbed because a fresh pomodoro is so easy to make, and since I had large slices of fresh tomato with a delicious basil olive oil drizzle, we knew they had the basic ingredients available to them.

For dessert, I had a brand new item on the menu. Cassatta Siciliana was made up of thin layers of cake with a wide band of ricotta filling that had candied peel pieces in it and it was topped with marzipan. It was very different from anything I have had before. I give this dessert two thumbs way up and deem it to be the best one I had this trip! It was very sweet and I was full, but there was no way I could leave any of it behind. My husband opted for the Zabaglione Freddo. It was a light custard, flavoured with Limoncello liquor. He loved the fact that it was not too sweet and not heavy.

Tutto Italia desserts Cassatta Siciliana and Zabaglione Freddo.

In summary, the restaurant is not much different inside from when it was Alfredo's of Rome. The service continues to be excellent. The restaurant was not as crowded as it has been previously, probably due to a combination of mixed reviews and expensive pricing. And it was very expensive, even by Disney standards. Our lunch was $84 plus tip, with no alcohol. That being said, it makes a good use of a table service credit if you are trying to get the most money out of the plan. Just don't go looking for Fettucini Alfredo, as it is not on their menu, which was probably a good idea as I doubt anyone could do that dish better than Alfredo's did. We would eat here again, but the inconsistency of the food items means that it won't make our must do list of restaurants and the cost means we would skip it if we were not using the dining plan.

Editor's Note: I would like to thank Bethany (lovethemouse from Magictrips) for volunteering to do this PS Spotlight. Bethany also has reviewed the Yak & Yeti Restaurant and Bongo's Cuban Cafe.

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