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Planning Strategy Calculator for Disney Reservations

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The PS Planning Guide can keep you up-to-date when:

  • There's a change in Walt Disney World's Priority Seating rules.
  • A restaurant, event, sport or dinner show is added or removed from priority seating.
  • Contest or other promotional events for the PS Planning Guide is announced.
  • New service or feature is added to the PS Planning Guide.
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  • PS Call Date Alerts for major holidays.

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    Here's what people are saying about the PS Planning Guide:

    From Poly Princess on DisneyTrips.com
    "OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This is GREAT! Words cannot express how incredibly cool this is! What a wonderful thing to do! Thank you! It's a MUST-HAVE for anyone planning a trip to Walt Disney World. Thank you for being so generous to share it with all of us!"

    From Erika
    "You're site is so wonderful, and is going to save many of us many PS headaches."

    From Kiahrah on Intercot.com
    "The best web site on earth for figuring out when you can do PS Seating is: PS Planning Guide! Woo Woo! The PS Calculator and Report are great - cause they will help you keep track of it all!"

    From Margie M.
    "I just wanted to say thank you for the PS Calculator. Because of you and your site, I was able to get the last PS for Cinderella's Breakfast for our trip in December! My daughter will be beside herself! Keep up the good work!"

    From Robb V. in Minnesota
    "Excellent Site, great calculator! I'd be happy to nominate you for an award (if I knew what type!)"

    From Lisa on DisneyTrips.com
    "I can't tell you enough what a great idea you did here!! wonderful!"

    From Brenda H. in Maryland
    "I am taking two Girl Scout troops to WDW in October and your calculator has been wonderful in helping the girls make the necessary arrangements on the dates that they need to make them. Thanks for making my job of guiding the girls with their trip planning easier."

    From Maryann B. in Pennsylvannia
    "Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful calculator! What a time saver it is!"

    From Diane K. in Massachusetts
    "Thank YOU for providing such a wonderful service."

    From Janine R. in Southern California
    "Thanks for the AWESOME calculator. Now I don't have to use Excel!! :)"

    From Debbie W. in New Jersey
    "I just used your PS planning guide for our official dates and IT IS WONDERFUL!"

    From Kathy S. in Pennsylvannia
    "This is a wonderful page. It sure takes a lot of thinking off my shoulders, I'm sure a lot of us feel this way."

    From Debbie R in Sydney, Australia
    "What a great service this is!!!!!! it is going to come in very handy for our upcoming Oct/Nov 2000 Trip. I'll be recommending this site to everyone."

    From Alison B. in Massachusetts
    "#1 great job and thanks for all you've done to make planning trips that much easier.
    #2 I have a suggestion for the PS [Report]...you have a place for the date..but what about the time of your ps? (Done!!! Scottwdw)"

    From Carol S. in Rhode Island
    "I think your calculator on PS Seating is A1 Thanks again"
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